World Music Festivals You Can’t Miss

World Music Festivals You Can’t Miss

Various music festivals are held around the world, many of which stand out for their epic settings, artists, themes and genres.

They say that it is never too late to make your dreams come true, that it does not matter how old you are to start making them come true and that it is not too late to go to that music festival you so much want to attend.

That is why Eventsite presents the most renowned music festivals worldwide for you to schedule some of them.

Mystery Land

In Europe, the electronic genre is one of the most listened to, several countries of the old continent are the main headquarters of the most important electronic festivals.

Mysteryland is a dance music festival held annually in Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands. It started in 1993 and is considered the oldest in this country.

As time went by, it spread to two more countries, the United States and Chile. This is a festival that focuses on art and music, where all its attendees can enjoy electronics and its genres.

Fuji Rock Festival

The Japanese have a striking and important festival worldwide, Fuji Rock. This music show brings together approximately 200 local and international artists.

Japanese bands are a current trend, and Fuji rock is one of the venues where their artists become even better known.

This show began in 1997 and is considered the largest outdoor festival in Japan.

One of the reasons why it also stands out is because it promotes care for the environment, and for this reason, the international media have called it ‘the cleanest music festival in the world’, without a doubt a great example for all events of this type.

Another quality also with a wide gastronomic variety for all those who visit this country to know a little more of its culture.

Burning man

During the 7 days of this festival, art is seen everywhere, there are performances, dances, the attendees dress up showing themselves to be unique and enjoying the event by bike, but above all enjoying good music.

In Buring Man there are different stages, where people don’t stop dancing to the music, day and night.

The main attraction takes place on the last day, a tradition in which a wooden sculpture in the shape of a man is set on fire, hence the name Buring Man.

The Buring Man festival is one of the events that is different and innovative from the others, a celebration that offers more than just music, where those attending can live a different experience with a different way of seeing the world. This festival is held in the Nevada desert, United States, from August 26th to September 3rd.

There, every year is born the ”city” Balck Rock, formed by all those who attend the event, where you can find a large exhibition of sculptures that are made of wood or metal, very striking and where probably everyone will want to take a picture.

Ultra Music Festival Miami

With the best beach atmosphere, Miami hosts one of the most important electronics festivals in the world and every year this city opens its doors to all fans of this genre.

Its stages are a great attraction, one of them is surrounded by luxurious skyscrapers, making this space a unique place to enjoy the great artists that are presented in this festival.

In the different stages that Ultra has, it is characteristic to see flags from different countries, decorating the place with a lot of color and becoming a festival where all nations become just one.

Cohachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Art, music and fashion are the main characteristics of Coachella, making it one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.

This show takes place in Indio, California and is held over two weekends. In 2018 it was held on April 13, 14 and 15 / 20, 21 and 22.

Musically, Cohachela exhibits different genres such as alternative rock, hip hop, electronic, among others, being this a great epicenter of people with diverse musical tastes.

Fashion is one of the characteristics of this festival, and its spaces become ‘catwalks’ where you can see a lot of unique styles, costumes and make-up.

Every year Coachella has the presentation of world class artists, in 2018 it had the participation of Beyonce, who revolutionized the public with her great presentation.

In addition, the number of celebrities who attend, actors, influencers, music stars and other public figures make Coachella one of the most established festivals in the world and making it an attractive celebration for those who have not yet gone.