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How to save on summer music festivals

It’s summertime. We go on a trip, we start the holidays, we leave the stress behind… and the summer festival season begins. If in previous posts we Fred Chapellier have taught you tricks to save in summer, today we teach you how to do it in festivals.

You don’t have to be an expert to deduce that the main reason for most festivals to concentrate on June, July and August is the weather. With the heat people are more encouraged to go out, they have more free time and, if we add to that that a great majority of people are on holiday, they make summer the perfect time for music festivals.

However, these festivals are expensive. In this post we give you some tips and tricks to save on music festivals.

Spain is an expert in this kind of festivals. For years it has become a reference destination for festival tourism, which has been on the rise in recent years. Festivals such as Sónar, Arenal Sound, FIB, Barcelona Beach Festival or the International Festival of Ortigueira are no longer aimed solely at the local public but have become more and more international in attendance every year.

At the same time, there are times when the price of the same tickets shoots up to 150 or 200 euros, something prohibitive for most pockets. That’s why today we show you the most important festivals of the summer and how to save on them.

Planning means saving

We all like to improvise. But sometimes improvisation comes out clearly. That’s why when it comes to saving on music festivals, planning will be key if you want to save a good pinch.

For example, buying tickets in advance, planning transport, buying supplies… nothing has to be left at the last minute. If you buy the tickets just when they go on sale you will find them at much lower prices than if you buy them a week before the festival.

To give an example, when the tickets for the Barcelona Beach Festival went on sale at the beginning of the year, they cost 35 euros. However, at the beginning of May we could find them for more than 50 Euros. This is known as the supply and demand of a lifetime.

If you want to go ahead and buy your tickets in advance and, moreover, cheap, we recommend you do it through StubHub, and you will also receive 7.2% cashback.

Sharing and saving on festivals

Does the phrase “sharing is living” ring a bell? Well, we’ve changed it to “sharing is saving”. If what you want is to save in music festivals you should try to share (as much as possible) as much as you can.

From transport to the festival to accommodation. If you go with friends, don’t hesitate to ask to share a tent or rent a car for 5 people. After all, you are doing it for a greater good: saving.

If you have decided to rent a car to go to a festival, remember that by renting from Europcar you will receive 7.2% cashback thanks to Shoppiday. On the other hand, those who go to a festival know that they are not going to a hotel.