Smoking for the first time

Smoking for the first time

If there is something you should know before learning to use your new cigarettes for the first time, is that in Zulo Shishas we talk to you from our experience, and in this case, we will tell you how it works a e-cigarettes that you can buy in our online store.

These electronic cigarettes come fully prepared to be used, without having to worry about mounting or dismounting resistors, or any other accessory. And of course, with a lower battery consumption.

How do e-cigarettes differ from each other?

There are many factors that differentiate some brands of e-cigarettes from others. But we will take into account the level of experience of the user, and depending on his knowledge, he will choose one type of electronic cigarette or another.

If you are one of those who are starting to smoke, or have already had some kind of contact by friends, family, etc… this article is for you, because we are going to recommend you how to use a “commercial” e-cigarettes.

You should know that each atomizer, each resistance and each mod is different from one cowboy to another.

In the simplest electronic cigarettes, the resistors are purchased separately, and you only have to screw your new gadget in most of the claromizers or atomizers that are on the market and that’s it!

How do I start preparing my new gadget?

The claromizer of the gadget is the tank in which we deposit the e-liquids whose flavor we like the most, and which will be “vaporized” while we “smoke”, that is inhaling the vapor that generates the liquid.

It is the claromizer that manages the consumption of the liquid, allowing us to enjoy our gadget, without having to worry about refilling it only when we see that it is below the limit.

On the other hand, and following these simple steps, we can start using the gadget we have bought:

Unboxing, or unpacking

We will start by taking out all the pieces contained in the package: Mod, claromizer, resistor/s, o-rings, usb cable, and any other accessories it contains.

There are several basic points to follow in this first step, to which many do not give importance, such as reading the previous instructions, especially those who are not yet familiar with this type of electronic cigarettes.

O-rings are extremely important, and we must bear in mind that a bad placement of these, however small the error, can cause serious damage to our new gadget.

Normally, the box in which the product comes informs us about the pieces it contains. That’s why we say that you should spend a few minutes reading the instructions, not only to know the use we should give it, but to verify that all the pieces we need come, because otherwise, we can not use the gadget in any case.

Placing the battery

Although it is a simple step, it is true that we must also explain it, so that you know how it works and the steps to follow in relation to electrical current.

We will place the battery inside the mod. Actually, the mod is what we call the gadget itself, without the atomizer or the battery. That is, the body of the gadget itself.

We must be careful in this step, and identify the positive and negative, and make sure to place the battery correctly. A bad disposition of the battery can cause a short circuit, seriously damaging the mod, something that will totally exclude it from the warranty.

The number of batteries depends on the gadget we have bought. We can find it from one, two or three batteries.

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